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The Unhorsed Cuirassiers

SKU: BM022
  • Unhorsed ‘lobsters’ en melee with pistols, swords, poleaxes and cavalry picks.
    Common in the Thirty Years War, there are only three documented formations of heavily armoured cuirassiers in the English Civil War - although many individual commanders and their personal lifeguards also still favoured full armour.
    This led to instances of unhorsed cuirassiers having to fight for their lives.
    Edmund Ludlow, a cuirassier in Essex’s Lifeguard at Edgehill in 1642, unhorsed and unable to remount thanks to his heavy armour, was forced to fight it out on foot. The second Earl of Northampton, the Royalist commander at Hopton Heath in 1643, was unhorsed and killed in desperate hand to hand fighting after refusing quarter. And Sir Arthur Haselrig, colonel of the famed ‘London Lobsters’, was unhorsed at Roundway Down (also 1643), tried to surrender, and was rescued in the nick of time.


    Pack contents: 4 unpainted metal miniatures.

  • These products aren't toys, so please don’t give them to children under 12 years of age. The metal alloy used includes lead, which would be harmful if swallowed.

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