What's new?

July 2021

Some of the newly cast dolls and components from which Nick Collier will create many of the next 16 unique figures – our second Bloody Miniatures release. Nick has sculpted five new dolls wearing short coats, breeches, stockings and shoes. A ‘doll’ is a generic mannequin consisting of torso and legs, onto which different heads, arms, clothing, weapons, equipment, and a cornucopia of other detail is then sculpted to create a new, unique figure. Nick will slightly adapt the stance of each doll with a spot of minor surgery. And then overlay lots of lovely detail to customise each figure into a unique creation.

Similarly, over time, the aim is to build up a stock of different heads, weapons and accoutrements that can be adapted, repurposed, and reused in different ways to create new figures. For instance, all these new helmeted heads are devoid of hair, beards, moustaches, feathers, etc. Adding these details at next stage enables Nick to create many different characters from the same core components - without the need to endlessly re-sculpt the same basic ECW/TYW helmet forms.


With a supply of freshly cast dolls and components to hand, Nick is now working on finishing off those next 16 figures, and this second release should be available, all being well, around the end of this summer.