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24 October 2023

Release 7 

Here's our latest release - the first of the Bloody Horse.


As ever, sculptor Nick Collier has done an amazing job – 12 mounted figures full of vim, character and purpose.


Pack BM042: The Troopers
Stern harquebusiers in lobster-tail helmets, back and breast, buff coats, with slung carbines and drawn pistols.

Pack BM043: The Flashing Blades
Dashing cavaliers: swords, big feathered hats, flouncy attire, lacy collars, cuffs and boot hose, and showy sashes.

Pack BM044: The Lobsters
Grim-looked cuirassiers at the attack: three-quarters armour, pistols, hammers, axes. 

Pack BM045: The Moss Troopers Ride 
Dangerous malcontents and discharged soldiers: long coats, long hair, floppy hats, pistols and carbines.

The pistol holsters are modelled as empty. Instead, each cavalry pack comes with a separate sprue of six pistol butts that can be glued into the holsters (or not) as desired. This means that if the rider is depicted with pistol in hand, he doesn’t also have to have one stuck in his saddle holster. 

There’s an old debate about whether horse pistols were holstered with the butt facing forwards or backwards for ease of grasping, drawing and firing by the rider. Opinion remains divided, but now you can put them whichever way round you prefer.


A Thunder of Hooves
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