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27 April

A couple of weeks fashionably late, but our third release is now available in the shop.

Pack BM0013 – ‘The Looters’. A band of disreputable soldiery laden with forage and the spoils of war - swag, sacks, bundles, caskets of valuables, bottles, altar goods, flasks, wine casks, and so on. But still very much with their swords, pistols and muskets at the ready.

Pack BM014 – ‘The Militant Tendency’. The Civil Wars provoked a dangerous ferment of religious, social and political upheaval. Agitators and ‘sectaries’ abounded – Ranters, Levellers, Diggers, Fifth Monarchists, Anabaptists and more besides. This well-armed crew of assorted rabble-rousers wield prayer books, polemics, political tracts, and fire and brimstone exhortations.


Pack BM015 – ‘All the King's Men’. Raffish Royalists in flamboyant attire, including a well-fed landowner enjoying a cup of sack; a dandified cavalier gentleman sporting 1642’s latest, most fashionable togs; a hard-bitten TYW veteran in the Royalist cause, with scarred visage and fluted Continental zischagge. And finally, a notorious duellist / killing gentleman with rapier.


Pack BM016 – ‘The Parliament Men’. Plain-speaking Parliamentarians in austere, godly attire. Including a bluff and honest East Anglian farmer-turned-soldier;  a stout Member of Parliament in his iron puritan hat; a dour puritan intelligencer in his tall hat, long coat and riding cape; and a veteran New Model Army sergeant, pamphlet of psalms thrust through his hatband (He has open hands and a separate halberd by the way, so you could press him into service an ensign).


This release also includes a separate pack of 12 separate heads for conversions (not pictured).

A Parcel of Rogues composite.jpg