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September 2021

Nick Collier has now finalised the next 16 figures, and once again pulled out all the stops to create a set of extraordinary mid-C17th characters.

Here they are.

BM006 - The Squire’s Men (bottom in the pic to the right)

A skirmishing party of loyal woodsmen, gamekeepers and sharpshooters.

BM007 - The Storming Party (second from top)


A veteran assault crew of hard-bitten desperadoes, hand-picked for their courage and ferocity. First to the breach in any siege or escalade.

BM008 - The Night Watch (second from bottom)


A detachment of musket-armed picquets, guards and watchful sentries. In camp; the market square; guarding the baggage, the prisoners, or the gates to the manor. 


BM009 - The Moss Troopers (top!)


A rapacious gang of brigands, freebooters, broken men, or discharged and destitute soldiers turned to banditry and ambuscades.

The sculpts have now gone off to Griffin for moulding, mastering, checking and eventually production casting.


All being well these new packs will be available to buy around the start of October. 

R2 Composite Greens.jpg