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31 October 2021

Our second release is now available in the web shop. Huzzah!

Here they are.

BM006 - The Squire’s Men

A skirmishing party of loyal woodsmen, gamekeepers and sharpshooters.

BM007 - The Storming Party 


A veteran assault crew of hard-bitten desperadoes, hand-picked for their courage and ferocity. First to the breach in any siege or escalade.

BM008 - The Night Watch 


A detachment of musket-armed picquets, guards and watchful sentries. In camp; the market square; guarding the baggage, the prisoners, or the gates to the manor. 


BM009 - The Moss Troopers 


A rapacious gang of brigands, freebooters, broken men, or discharged and destitute soldiers turned to banditry and ambuscades.

Also available as a set of 16 figures - 'A Murder of Crows'. 

Please click on 'Shop' to see full details of each pack.


Sculpting maestro, Nick Collier, is now working on the third release, which we aim to have ready for Spring 2022.

Squire's Men slot painted.jpg
Storming Party slot painted.jpg
Night Watch slot painted.jpg
Moss Troopers slot painted.jpg