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How quickly will I get my stuff?

Just as soon as I can pack it up and get to the post office!

I’ve been wargaming for over 40 years, so I fully appreciate that when wargamers order new toys, they want them NOW.  

I also know it's irritating to hear wargames businesses bleating about their problems – so I'll try never to do that.


What I will say, is that Bloody Miniatures is a one-man band, and not primarily a money-making venture. I commissioned these figures for my collection, and I’m happy to be able to make them available to fellow wargamers.


But if I’m away on hols when you place your order, or there are issues with resupply from the casting contractor, then it won’t always be possible to turn round your order on a sixpence. It may take a few days - it could even take a few weeks. 


That said, I promise I’ll always get your figures out to you just as fast as I can. And if you ever want to know where they are, just drop me an email and I’ll let you know the state of play.   

Will these figures work for the Thirty Years War as well as the English Civil War?

Yes. They're designed with the ECW in mind, but TYW arms, armour, and dress were much the same. These figures are also eminently suitable for New World colonial conflicts like the Powhatan and Pequot Wars of the 1630s - 1640s. Also perfect for C17th 'folk horror' rules, such as 'Witchfinder General'.

What’s the casting quality like?

Moulding and casting of our figures is carried out by Griffin Moulds JJP Ltd., widely recognised as one of the best in the business.

Faint mould lines and the occasional stray casting tendril are inevitable on cast models, These are easily disappeared with a sharp craft knife or multitool. But you shouldn’t see excessive flash or accretions of metal ‘slag’ on our figures.

We’ll immediately replace any clearly defective figure.

Will you split / mix packs and sell just individual figures?


Really sorry, but I'm afraid not. It's just not economically viable to cast and sell these figures on an individual basis.

How do your figures scale up against other ECW ranges?

They’re designed to match up in size, style and stature to the Bicorne Miniatures and Renegade Miniatures ranges - so are towards the larger end of the 28mm figure spectrum.


Height wise, they also fit in well with Redoubt and Empress figures. They’re a bit bigger than some Warlord Games and TAG TYW / ECW figures. The wonderful Perry Miniatures are a fair bit smaller in stature. Please check out the comparison pic in the gallery.

Why do some castings have a superfluous piece of metal linking scabbard and ankle?

In centrifugal casting, to avoid miscasts of some extremities, a circuit is needed for the molten metal to flow through.


The small length of surplus metal joining the end of the scabbard back to the body of the figure, is an unavoidable by-product of the process. It’s easily snipped away with side cutters, and a quick scrape from a craft knife will remove any residue.

How do you ship orders?

Royal Mail First Class in the UK. Royal Mail International Standard in Europe. Royal Mail International Economy or International Standard to the rest of the world (you can choose at the checkout). These are the most economic options. They do not include tracking – that is a great deal more expensive, particularly on international orders.


If you require your order to be tracked, please email us (or fill in our enquiry form) immediately you’ve placed your order, and we’ll let you know an additional cost for that service.
PLEASE NOTE: If you place a high value order and you don't ask (and pay) to have it tracked, if that order subsequently goes astray and I have photographic proof of posting, then Bloody Miniatures cannot be held responsible for the loss.


What about taxes and so on?

We’re way too small to be VAT-registered. For international orders, please note that Bloody Miniatures cannot be held responsible for any local taxes, import duties, VAT, customs or handling charges that may be imposed in destination countries. To avoid nasty surprises, we suggest checking your country’s import charges before placing an order.

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