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The Gallant Ladies

SKU: BM020
  • A party of doughty womenfolk defending a siege.
    There are numerous documented instances of ladies defending their stately piles during the English Civil War: Charlotte Stanley, Countess of Derby, not only held Lathom House, but sallied out and stole the besiegers’ biggest gun. Lady Mary Winter refused to surrender Lidney House to Parliament, Lady Blanche Arundel defended Wardour Castle, and Lady Mary Bankes held mighty Corfe Castle in two separate sieges.
    For the Parliamentarians, the indomitable Lady Brilliana Harley held Brampton Bryan Castle against the King’s army for more than six months, whilst the women of Lyme won fame for repelling the Royalists’ assault in 1643.With several known instances of girls-dressed-as-boys fighting in the English Civil Wars, this pack also includes a dashing cavalier girl. Very Shakespearean.

    Pack contents: 4 unpainted metal miniatures.

  • These products aren't toys, so please don’t give them to children under 12 years of age. The metal alloy used includes lead, which would be harmful if swallowed.

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