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The Bloody (separate) Pikes

SKU: BM053
  • A sprue of four different 85mm long pikes, cast in a lead free metal alloy for strength and rigidity.

    Obviously if you drop them point first onto a hard floor, or are otherwise careless of their handling, they will bend or snap. But in the general run of game play, they should prove reasonably robust.

    Please note that these pikes are cast with a retaining sprue top and bottom to make sure they stay dead straight in the mould.
    Use a sharp craft knife to carefully separate the point of each pike from its sprue. You'll then need to clean up that tip slightly to make sure of a nicely pointy spearhead.

    The Bloody Pikemen (packs BM048 and BM049) are supplied open handed without pikes, so you either need to add these pikes to your order, or supply your own wire spears to use as pikes.

    Pack contents: 1 white metal sprue with 4 different pikes. Unpainted.

  • These products aren't toys, so please don’t give them to children under 12 years of age. 

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