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Getting Further Ahead

SKU: BM039
  • A separate pack of 12 different heads in soft hats for swapsies. 

    (See pack BM019, ‘Getting Ahead’, for separate heads wearing helmets).

    Note: Each head is mounted on a 5mm long spigot.
    Once you’ve (carefully) decapitated your chosen miniature using a Stanley Knife and / or a junior hacksaw, simply drill down a few mm into the now headless torso using a 2mm drill bit in a multitool or pin-vice. Cut the spigot on the new head to the desired length, add a dab of superglue, and pop it into the hole - thus securely seating the new head onto the body.
    Once pinned and glued, it’s extremely unlikely to become detached.

    Pack contents: 12 characterful mid-C17th heads. Price: £6.75


  • These products aren't toys, so please don’t give them to children under 12 years of age. The metal alloy used includes lead, which would be harmful if swallowed.

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