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The Scots played a significant role in the Civil Wars, with the Presbyterian Covenanters fighting in England for Parliament against the King, and later for the King against Parliament. The Scots also fought each other - Covenanters against the Montrose Royalists (supporters of Charles I in Scotland). Scottish mercenary troops also served widely on the continent in the Thirty Years War in Europe. 

A Band o' Brothers

SKU: BM031
  • Buy packs BM027 - BM030 together at a modest discount.

    Sixteen different figures, portraying a braw and bonny company o’ tough-as-nails Scottish soldiery for the English Civil War or Thirty Years War. Armed tae the teeth and ready for the fray.

    Pack contents: 16 miniatures and four different Scottish hafted weapons. 

  • These products aren't toys, so please don’t give them to children under 12 years of age. The metal alloy used includes lead, which would be harmful if swallowed.

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